Stretching and the Professional and Collegiate Athlete



Dr. Khademi here…..

It has been awhile since we last spoke.  Always be sure to drink lots of water, breath deeply and stretch on a daily basis.  I just returned from a trip around the country visiting a wide range of NBA players and trainers, college athletic departments and college trainers as well.  What surprised me quite a bit during my tour as I was introducing my products to them and explaining the benefits of stretching was that many of these professionals, whose livelihood depends on healthy muscles and constant upkeep, do not spend the time necessary to stretch and keep themselves healthy.  Many of the injuries, pulled muscles, torn muscles and back pain that have put some of the most prominent athletes in the NBA on the bench recently is directly related to a lack of mobility in their joints and their muscles.  After spending a few hours with these trainers, it is clear to see that one or two trainers cannot possibly dedicate enough time with 12-15 players on a professional roster or college lineup to effectively prevent some of these injuries and issues from occurring.

What I was able to do was introduce our IsoStrength family of products to them so that they can distribute them to their players so that they can stretch themselves before and after the games in an effort to keep loose.  Several players on these teams are now using these products and hopefully improving their muscle health and flexibility as a whole.  Professional and college athletes face the same challenges we all do with regard to body upkeep and dedicating time to stretch appropriately.  Luckily, we have now introduced them to the appropriate tool to help them build a strong daily stretch regimen.

While you shouldn’t feel bad that you do not stretch everyday, you can feel better knowing that these professional and collegiate athletes are not concentrating on stretching enough either.  So I ask all athletes, be it professional, amateur or casual to make a concerted effort, a few times daily, to stretch be it at work or in between workouts and training.  Carry an IsoStrength Lite with you and spend some time during the day stretching.  As your productivity on the court, or in the office increases, you can pass the vital knowledge along to your friends and help them stretch and remain injury free.

Have a great day and talk to you again soon!

-Dr. Khademi


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