Stretching to lose weight???

Hi, Dr. Khademi here — remember to drink plenty of water, breathe deeply and stretch daily.

Wow, really, stretching to lose weight – how do you do that?  Well, this will require a willing lifestyle change we think we can help you with.   Many people do not participate in exercise because it causes them pain and fatigue.  The same people who are not motivated to exercise because of hectic jobs or an overall sedentary lifestyle should take the time to stretch their bodies on a daily basis. By stretching your body routinely, you become more motivated and experience less pain as well.   The idea is that the time you set aside to stretch will serve as a spark plug to become more physically active all together.  Before you know it you are stretching, exercising and gradually developing the desire to be a more mobile individual who incorporates daily wellness into their lives.  Studies have shown that there are many benefits to one’s overall health if they merely perform 15 minutes of exercise a day.  We suggest adding 5-7 minutes of stretching, using our IsoStrength family of products ( to that 15-20 minute daily exercise routine to assist in helping you lose weight and be an overall healthier individual.  Look forward to talking to you again soon!


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