ooZeeki Travel Tips

Hi Dr. Khademi here — remember to drink plenty of water, breathe deeply and stretch daily.

We all love traveling but one of the drawbacks of traveling is the journey to get wherever you are going. Transit times are long and more often than not the first day of individuals trips are shot because of wait times, long flights, longer train rides etc.  How would you like to change this and make your transit time and travel both enjoyable and beneficial to your health?  You should set aside 15-20 minutes during your journey to find a place to stretch your muscles and take a few deep breaths.  The benefit of this is you are keeping your body loose and your mind clear and ultimately being productive while traveling.

Our IsoStrength stretch devices are a perfect marriage for all individuals who are traveling.  The portability of our devices, such as the Lite and Travel device (www.isostrength.com), allow you to go to the back of the airplane or the common area in a train to stretch out your tight muscles.  Additionally, when on road trips, when you stop at a gas station to refill your water or fill up your tank you can use your car as a base to stretch your tight hamstrings or calves.

In the end, taking the brief time required to stretch the body while on the move will allow you to be pain free and fully refreshed when you reach your destination.

Let IsoStrength be to your back what dental floss is to your teeth.  Talk to you again soon.


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