A New Trend For Stretching….

Hi Dr. Khademi here, remember to drink plenty of water, breathe deeply and stretch daily.

The average person spends a little bit of time before and after exercise to stretch their muscles.  Although there is nothing wrong with that, there is a better way of looking at stretching that will make it more effective so that it takes on its own identity apart from exercise and increases the overall benefit to your health.

Let’s consider a new paradigm…..Stretching should stand alone.  You should practice it on a daily basis, before breakfast, during lunch or before bed, however many times you would like – completely customizable.  You do not need to change into your gym clothes, just utilize one of our portable IsoStrength Stretch devices (www.isostrength.com) and adapt a routine that works for you.

You should spend 6-7 minutes targeting the muscles groups important to your performance.  IF you stretch just a few minutes every day you train your muscles to be in the most natural state they can be in.  In turn, they are more prepared for the competitive nature of sports and exercise and the possibility of injury greatly decreases.

I ask that you try this for a few weeks and improve your overall health and athletic ability.  Stay well and I look forward to talking to you again soon.


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